Entrust Dividend

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The Entrust Dividend

How would you like to get an extra $360 per year for doing nothing? Well you might just be in luck if you live in certain areas of Auckland and are the person who pays the electricity bills, you're almost there.

Entrust, the majority share holder of Vector paid out $360 in 2019 to each Entrust beneficiary. That's the equivalent of 80 flat whites!

So you may be asking, "how do I get this?" well all you have to do is meet the following three criteria:

  1. Live within certain areas of Auckland (Central, Manukau, Northern Papakura and Eastern Franklin) see map below.
  2. Be the person named on the power bill.
  3. Pay the Vector line charges through your retailer. Now this is the one that may trip some people up. If you live in an apartment or residential development where you pay your power bill to the landlord or body corp, you may not be eligible. This is because the landlord is paying the line charges, not you, which should result in a cheaper power bill already. See the link here for apartments that are not eligible.

For more information visit the Entrust website here

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